How We Help

Courage doesn’t exempt our fear but it’s the choice to do what is right despite our fear.

At Her Well, we understand the profound impact that sexual trauma can have on Survivors’ lives. Survivors often struggle with physical, emotional, and psychological effects long after the traumatic event has occurred. That’s why we’re committed to helping women heal from the aftermath of sexual trauma, and reclaim their lives in a safe, supportive environment.

Our non-profit organization provides a range of services designed to help women who have experienced sexual trauma. These services include trauma counseling, medical care, group counseling, and basic self-defense training. Our goal is to create a holistic, individualized plan for each survivor that will help them move forward in their healing journey at their own pace.

Trauma counseling is a vital component of our services. Our licensed therapists are specially trained to work with survivors of sexual trauma and can help them process their experiences and develop coping skills to manage their emotions. We understand that each survivor’s journey is unique, and we’re committed to providing personalized support that meets their specific needs.

In addition to trauma counseling, we also offer medical care to survivors. Our medical professionals are compassionate and understanding, providing care in a safe and supportive environment. We provide comprehensive care, including preventive care, treatment for injuries, and screening for sexually transmitted infections.

Group counseling is another critical service we offer at Her Well. Survivors often feel isolated and alone in their experiences. Our group counseling sessions provide a safe, supportive environment where survivors can connect with others who have experienced similar trauma. Our counselors facilitate these sessions, helping survivors build a community of support and healing.

Finally, we offer basic self-defense training to survivors. We believe that empowerment and self-defense are critical components of healing. Our trained instructors provide survivors with the tools and techniques they need to protect themselves and build confidence in their ability to stay safe.

At Her Well, we’re committed to helping women heal from the aftermath of sexual trauma. We know that healing is a journey, and we’re here to support survivors every step of the way. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual trauma, please reach out to us for help. We’re here for you.

It’s Time to Heal. It’s Time to Regain Your Confidence, Restore Your Voice, and Stop Isolating Yourself.