Who We Are

Our Pain Has a Way of Propelling Our Passion

Her Well guides survivors of unhealthy sexual relationships to overcome the fear of their past and heal mentally, physically, and spiritually. Her Well provides a 12-month program designed to fit the need of each woman as they progress in their healing journey. Our goal is to help women stop fearing the pain, overcome triggers, and invest in their recovery and restoration.

“We help Her reclaim Her hope, regain Her voice, and resist Her urge to isolate.”

Candice Reyes

About Her Well

Hello there, if you’re checking our webpage out, it’s probably because sexual trauma has impacted your life in one way or another. We’ve been there too. As a survivor of rape and sexual assault, we understand the work needed to invest in our healing.

According to the CDC, every 9 minutes, someone is sexually assaulted in Texas. That is too many! Women need skills to be aware of their surroundings and ways to fight to gain distance so they can run. Mental health plays a vital part in the healing process of trauma. Her Well services provide Her with the tools she needs to regain her confidence, restore her voice, and resist the need to isolate.
We define social justice as giving a voice to those who aren’t heard, education to help prevent injustices from occurring, walking beside those harmed, and offering counsel, medical care, and comfort. We believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect.

Welcome to Her Well, we are sorry you needed to find us. We are so proud of you for coming.

It’s Time to Heal. It’s Time to Regain Your Confidence, Restore Your Voice, and Stop Isolating Yourself.